Sabtu, 18 November 2017


Why am I trying to be kind ? 

Is it for people to like me ?

Or is it for Allah who will always love me and forgive me no matter what ? 

Let's try to find the answer lil 

Minggu, 29 Oktober 2017

I write this for you, my putri.

Mark zuckerberg said that the best thing about harvard is he could meet his current wife, Priscilia.

Priscilia. She is not a tv typical beauty. She is not wearing expensive clothes. She is a very simple woman.

But man. She is amazing. I truly believe she is amazing. Because even when she has that super rich husband, she is still so down to earth.

In this world full of "what is important is visible to eye", I still believe that what is essential is invisible to eye. It is by the heart, one can truly find it.

Seriously, I know it would be difficult to change my perception, my point of view. 

But everytime I read my blog, I will be reminded, that what is truly important, is the heart and the thought that I have. And surely, what I do with it.

Sabtu, 16 September 2017

Right will always be seen

It is wrong though.

Let's say you found the one.
The one that will always love you no matter what.
deep inside you know you are not satisfied.
deep inside you know you don't love yourself.
Then that one person that love you won't matter, you will just need the love and praises that will cover the hole inside you.

Do something. That will make yourself proud and love you. 
Because what matters is you.

Honestly, love yourself first, with talk and action.

Jumat, 15 September 2017

wrong but still

What does being yourself mean ?

Is it doing nothing to make yourself better ?

Or hoping others to love you no matter what ?

It is not right. It is wrong.
But still, I hope I will find someone who would love me no matter what.

But still, it is wrong.

Selasa, 24 Januari 2017


This post is just semi-copy-paste from today article that you can find it here:

10 Things we learned about Priscilla Chan:

1. She's pre-hoodie

You know how Mark Zuckerberg wears hoodie almost all the time. This is what she said:

“I'm happy with whatever he wants to wear, as long as it's appropriate for where we're going. So he can't wear it to weddings. And he can't wear it to baby showers. But he can do whatever else he wants.”

What a great person she is. Even me, I really love to see a man in suit or at least wear a good clothes, tidy, and clean. I start understanding why he falls for her.

2. Education is “an incredibly personal issue.” 

“My public school teachers did a great job of saying, ‘Check this out. You're qualified for this. You should explore these opportunities.' They're the ones who said, ‘You know, apply to Harvard. You might be a good fit here,'" she said. "And then when I got to Harvard, it was even more opportunities that I didn't know existed. So their effects have only compounded over time.”

This is exactly why I want to be a teacher or lecturer. Or maybe if I may to aim big, I want to build a school and develop a school for children in need. She is incredibly great.

3. She was not the most relaxed kid growing up.

“I was really uptight,” Chan said with a laugh. “I'm the oldest child. I would say I'm probably a prototypical eldest child. I bossed my middle sister around all the time.”

I am the last child but still, I am really uptight. I am kind of jealous of her using the word "was". 

4. She is fluent in three languages. 

Chan can speak English, Spanish, and Cantonese. “I grew up speaking Cantonese at home. English, obviously, from school and growing up here,” she said. 
Chan learned Spanish after realizing that so many of her patients spoke Spanish: “You can be a better provider and really connect better with individuals if you can speak their language, and so I started studying Spanish in college, and get lots of practice in my work.”
5. She was voted “class genius” in high school.
“I did have that honor,” she said, although she acknowledged: “I actually had a lot of very smart peers. The other 'class genius' is now a nuclear physicist.”
Chan said she’s still surrounded by a lot of smart people but the surroundings have changed: “I’m just a little fish in a big pond.”
6. She definitely wants to be a mother  one day.
“Yes, we would love to have kids. But we're so busy taking care of other people's children right now,” she said.
I definetely want to be a mother too, one day. Unfortunately, I am busy taking care of my own self right now. And it is okay, it will be okay later.
7. She and her husband already take care of one “child.” 
Which is a dog. I think it is great to pet an animal in a house. And definitely, I will pet a cat. I am afraid of cat now, but I have a feeling and hoping (actually) that I will marry a man who loves animals so much especially cat. And I will love him so much that I will want to let him (us) pet a cat. 
8. She finds it strange to have so many people curious about who she is.
Definetely I am curious about her ! First, she got the love of one of the richest man in this planet. Second, God, she is so down to earth. Third, she is not tv-typical beauty. As the not tv-typical beauty face myself, I will say that she is such a wonderful person. I mean, this is too funny for me to say this, maybe a little bit meany, but you know, I think just be her, she spread the 'confidence' virus to be okay even if you are not that tv-typical beauty, God, thank you for this accidentally knowing more about Priscilla Chan.
9. She first met Zuckerberg while waiting in line for the bathroom at a Harvard fraternity party.
But apparently, they do have the same taste in jokes. Zuckerberg used to have a set of beer glasses that involved some computer-science humor.
"I did a little computer programming myself," she said, "and he shared these glasses with me. And they said '#include ,' which is C++ language, and we both had a good laugh about them," she said. "I think he appreciated that I got the joke."
First of all, to find a smart lover, you should be smart yourself. So educate yourself. And maybe, you will find the right person who will laugh at your joke. Because honestly, I don't even understand what their joke about, let alone to laugh at it. But maybe I will laugh still, because I don't understand a thing, HA !
10. She wishes more people could see her husband as she sees him.
Seriously, she loves him. This is what she said before when she got asked the first question:
“I’m pro-hoodie. He wears a fresh hoodie every day so that pretty much meets my lowest barrier for him," she said. "I'm more concerned that he eats regularly." Chan said Zuckerberg sometimes gets so excited about his work that he forgets to eat —and then later complains about feeling sick and having a headache. 
I wish, I could be like her. I like her. The way she loves her husband. The way she loves other people. Especially, the way she loves herself. She is such a lovely person. 
She is a wife. She is a doctor. And she is a PHILANTROPIST. The word that I just know the meaning today.

  1. a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Minggu, 22 Januari 2017



Hay kalian semua yang membaca blog ini ? Sedang apakah disana ? Sedang merasakan apa ?

Aku ingin berbagi dengan kalian semua. Tentang semua asa dan rasa. Tentang cita dan keinginan. Tentang harapan dan usaha. Tentang gairah dan kemalasan. Tentang semuanya.

Kupikir, kita benar-benar harus berpikir dengan sangat jernih. Tentang hidup dan kehidupan. Tentang bagaimana kita mengerti orang lain. Masuk dalam kehidupan seseorang dan mengetahui apa yang jiwanya sedang pikirkan, harapkan, dan rasakan.

Aku ingin masuk dan mengetahui jiwa. Mengenalnya lebih jauh, memberikannya perhatian yang bisa aku berikan. Tapi permasalahannya adalah, bagaimana caranya aku bisa masuk ke dalam jiwa itu ?

Berteman dan menjadi seorang yang penting bagi jiwanya. Tunggu sebentar. Jangan-jangan, aku tidak bisa masuk ke jiwanya karena aku sendiri tidak mengenal jiwaku ?

Jiwa. Bagaimana kabarmu ? Aku mau mengenalmu. Lebih hangat. Lebih mesra.

Ah, ternyata jiwa yang ingin kukenal adalah jiwaku. Dan mungkin setelah itu, ia akan mengenali jiwa lain. Mungkin.

Kamis, 24 November 2016

The best brother for me


Lama tidak menulis. 

Saya mau mengabarkan satu hal, bahwa saya sangat bersyukur menjadi adik kak acan. 

Ada begitu banyak hal yang harus aku syukuri.
Dan satu hal lagi yang penting, aku melupakan integritas. 
Jadi mulai sekarang, aku mau punya integritas.

Dan tidak lupa, untuk pelan-pelan. Dan tidak mengikuti apa yang "semua" orang katakan. 

Aku jelas harus punya jalanku sendiri.